As we enter into this season of New Life in Christ, Easter, I want to offer all of you my fondest hope and prayer that these seven weeks of Easter may be filled with peace, joy, and the sense of oneness with our God and the communities we belong to.

Personally, I have found that it has been hard to be filled with peace and joy over the last two Easter seasons while we have had to deal with the COVID pandemic. Many of us have had to deal with some great losses, including losing close friends or family members. This season of our Lord’s resurrection will hopefully give us the opportunity to experience God’s closeness to us as he desires to walk with us as Christ did with those on the road Emmaus.

For those who haven’t experienced loss of loved ones, I am sure there are other losses you had to deal with in the way in which your life was affected by the pandemic. With this and the other challenges that are affecting many people, especially the people of Ukraine, there is certainly a need for us to be ones who use our new life in Christ to bring that joy and peace into the world as lights in Christ Jesus.

So, as we seem to have the worst of the pandemic behind us, I hope that each of us can reach out to those whom God is calling us to help and bring a little bit more of His Kingdom into our world through His Grace.

The Peace of Christ be with you.

Fr Todd