Dear Parishioners,

May the Peace of Christ be with you in these days as we find ourselves challenged in many ways. Whether it be the high price of gasoline, the increase of living expenses (food, heating, water, and electric) or the challenges we might be facing with our investments not being worth what they used to be, we as a church community are not exempt from having challenges too.

As many of you are aware of the parishes in the Jamestown area have lost three priests in the past year. From Fr. Darrell Duffy being moved to Hamburg, and Fathers Dennis Mende and Joseph Janaczek going home to the Lord, we have been challenged to find replacements for them. Fortunately, we have three priests that have replaced them, including myself.  Unfortunately, this has contributed to the dwindling of the number of priests we have in the diocese available to go out and serve the people of Western New York.

As those of you in Sacred Heart are well aware of, Fr. Piotr Zaczynski has now left the area as well. Unfortunately, due to the shortage of priests in the diocese he will not be replaced.  So, with this being the reality we will have to make do with only three priests in the Jamestown area for our parishes, which are made up of Holy Apostles, Our Lady of Loretto, Sacred Heart, St. Patrick and St. James.

Regrettably, this reduction in the number of priests to serve our area will unfortunately affect the number of Masses we can have for the faithful to participate. To that end, we, the remaining clergy who serve in the area have come up with a new schedule of Masses for the weekends in our area. The schedule will be revisited and possibly changed by the process of the Renewal program going to gear up in the Fall of 2023, or possibly even earlier in the Spring of 2023.  Also included below is the new area weekday Mass schedule. With these changes being made, and you attend another church in the area, please note that you can still use your home parish envelopes.  They will be sent over to your home parish.  If you do not have envelopes, please contact the rectory.

The following changes will go into effect as of August 1st, 2022:


4 pm                     St. James                             Jamestown

4 pm                     Our Lady of Loretto           Falconer

5:30 pm                Sacred Heart                      Lakewood

5:30 pm                St. Patrick                           Randolph


7 am                      SS Peter & Paul                 Jamestown

8 am                     St. James                            Jamestown

8:30 am               Our Lady of the Snows    Panama

9 am                     St. John                               Jamestown

10 am                   Sacred Heart                      Lakewood

11 am                   SS Peter & Paul                  Jamestown

11 am                  St. Patrick                             Randolph



8 am                       St. James                            Jamestown

8 am                       St. Patrick                           Randolph

12:10 pm               SS Peter & Paul                  Jamestown


8 am                       St. James                              Jamestown

9 am                       Sacred Heart                        Lakewood

9 am                       Our Lady of Loretto            Falconer


12:10 pm               SS Peter & Paul                    Jamestown

7 pm                       St. James                              Jamestown


8 am                       Our Lady of Loretto            Falconer

9 am                       St John                                  Jamestown

9 am                       St. Patrick’s                          Randolph

9 am                       Sacred Heart                        Lakewood

6 pm                       Our Lady of Victory           Frewsburg


8 am                       St. James                               Jamestown

9 am                       Sacred Heart                         Lakewood

9 am                       Our Lady of Loretto             Falconer

12:10 pm            SS Peter & Paul                Jamestown

                                First Friday Only

As we find ourselves in the midst of these changes, which may be challenging for some of us, I ask you to keep in mind that if you find yourself going to a different church than you are used to, please keep in mind that you are baptized into the body of Christ, which is more than just a particular worship site (church).  As St. Paul points out that we are many parts of one body in Christ, we are individual parts of one another. (Rom. 12:4-5) So, whether we are from Holy Apostles, Our Lady of Loretto, Sacred Heart, Our Lady of Snows, St. Patricks’ or St. James, we are all part of each other.