Lord Teach Me To Pray St. Ignatius of Loyola developed this method of prayer using “Spiritual Exercises.” Class starts Sept 13th and meets every Monday at 6PM for 70 minutes with socializing afterwards. Each week will include a prayer style and scripture topic, followed by faith sharing. Our sessions will follow the school year with the same dates off. Attend as many or as few as you’d like. Contact Tom Franco or the rectory for more information.

LTMTP 2021 The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola in Daily Life

  1. The Saint James Church “Ignatian Spirituality Community” is offering the opportunity to improve our prayer life.
  2. Knowing that many people cannot find time for an extended retreat away from their ordinary lives, we at the Saint James Ignatian Spirituality Community offer the following.
  • A process that invites people to a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ through different types of prayer and a weekly faith-sharing session. The goal is to prepare the individual to study the 19th Annotation by St. Ignatius of Loyola.
  1. The study class forming in September will be meeting every Monday night at 6:00 pm for 70 minutes. Each week will be a specific prayer style and a scripture topic, followed by faith-sharing. Note: Our sessions are to develop the MAGIS (MORE). You may attend as many or as few as you’d like. This weekly time is called “Ultreya” (ul-tray a) meaning further – beyond and “Let’s go!” The Ultreya tells us of the energetic intention to go with courage toward some “beyond”, to exceed something. By crying “Ultreya!” the pilgrim says “Let’s keep going! Let’s go some more, let’s go beyond!” Yes, for the Greater Glory of God.
  2. For information, contact the rectory at (716) 487-0125


Dates Bible Reading


Monday September 13 -Luke 7:1-10 6 – 7:10 pm Examen – Spiritual Exercises
Monday September 20- Luke 8:16-18 6 – 7:10 pm Magis – AMDG – Suscipe
Monday September 27 – Luke 9:46-50 6 – 7:10 pm Consolation – Desolation
Monday October 11- Luke 11:29-32 6 – 7:10 pm Ignatian Contemplation – Imaginative Prayer
Monday October 18 – St Luke 10:1-9 6 – 7:10 pm Spiritual Direction–Finding God in ALL Things
Monday October 25 – Luke 13:10-17 6 – 7:10 pm People for Others – Principle & Foundation
Monday November 1 – All Saints Mt.5:1-12a 6 – 7:10 pm Presupposition – Pilgrimage
Monday November 8 – Luke 17:1-6 6 – 7:10 pm Gratitude – Three Kinds of Humility
Monday November 15- Luke 18:35-43 6 – 7:10 pm Colloquy – Two Standards
Monday November 22 – Luke 21:1-4 6 – 7:10 pm Cardoner–Contemplation to Attain, Love of God
Monday November 29- Matt 8:5-11 6 – 7:10 pm Call of the King – Contemplative in Action
Monday December 6 – Lk 5:17-26 6 – 7:10 pm Indifference–Cura Personalis/care of the person
Monday December 13-Matt 21:23-27 6 pm- Celebrating the Feast of St. Lucy (traditional meal and special Blessing)